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Spreading God's Word!

Us is really just me! My name is Robby and I live in Colorado, U.S.A. I am 37 years old and live with my parents and brothers family. Its quite the house full and everyday there is something to keep you on your toes. I have believed in God my whole life but never have walked with Him. After a major life event in 2018, I gave my life to God and have been growing closer to Him everyday.

More recently in October of 2021, I found Pastor Gene Kim on YouTube who teaches the word of God and set my heart on fire for our Lord and Savior. I didn't realize how little I was doing for the Lord and how little people knew about His true word. In the beginning of 2022, it was put on my heart to help spread His word in a more modern and exposed way.

Unless a person picks up a Bible themselves, it's unlikely that they would come across the word of God. I thought about how to get peoples minds on God more and then t-shirts popped into my head. Whenever I see a t-shirt with words on it, I feel compelled to read it; almost compulsively, and there you have it. My idea for God's Tees was born and with a lot of help from above, we can get God's word in front of more people than ever!

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