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Where is God these days? People have seemed to have forgotten God and I'm trying to help them remember. I'd like to call this God's T-shirt ministry; helping spread the word of God!

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Our Story

Where is God these days?

I was thinking this thought when I came up with the idea for a t-shirt ministry. What a better way to get people to think about God then to walk around with His word on your shirt! Started in my head in February 2022 while I was working at an ungodly job that a sermon convicted me of. I put in my two weeks notice without anything but a prayer to God.

With my last check, I started this site in March 2022 with hopes of providing a way to live but most importantly, a way to bring attention and glory to God. After all, He's only the Creator of Heaven and Earth! I'll also be giving 10% to the church to help missionaries all over the world. Only God knows where this will go from here but with a lot of help from Him, a little help from me and you, we can spread His word all over the planet and save some souls!!!

From Arvada, Colorado,

God bless you in the strong, holy, and powerful name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Amen!

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Arvada, CO.

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